Practice Profile

Harry Brand Architects and Town Planners was established in 1970 and is now incorporating its second generation, Eila Brand-Adel.

The practice spans the spectrum from urban and local district planning, to detailed architectural design.
The range in scale of projects is paralleled by the range in subject, including integrated regional studies, public and office buildings, industrial parks and logistic centres, residential neighborhoods, corporate parks and commercial centres,. The recognized expertise of the firm is in the field of industrial planning and development and public buildings with an emphasis on sustainable architecture in response to the global and local challenges of climate change.
Notable projects in this field are the Osem Headquarters and logistic centre, Tefen Industrial Park, the Caesarea Business Park, the Jerusalem Technology Park, the Beck Science Center in Jerusalem and Nazareth Public Building designed for Mr. Stef Wertheimer. The firm also specializes in the development and application of advanced building techniques, including a variety of innovative design solutions which have led to significant savings in time and cost, while maintaining high standards of quality and ensuring energy efficiency.
The synergy between the client’s needs and the constraints of the site are the canvass on which the design evolves.
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